Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Connotations for my music video

A Connotation is a translated message which the producer would like the audience to read through different signs and signifiers. For example, If there was a girl dressed in black (Denotation), the connotation of this could be symbolising death, bad or evil, however we read this as the denotation with the connotation in mind.
Within my music video, I believe that I have used this media term quite a lot in translating the message to the audience. For example, the typical use of my brick wall in a lot of my shots connotes the whole RnB theme of the 'streets' where it may not be very wealthy, however Alice looks wealthy, hence the contrast.

 Another connotation which is apparent is the beauty of Alice constantly, which emplies that although she is singing about a boy which is extra good looking but not right for her, that she is quite used to turning men away, which actually gives a different attitude to the performer, and also an attitude for young aspiring girls to have.

I have also chosen to connote a different type of outfit style with Alice wearing not the total revealing clothing like many RnB, but to use more covered up clothing, in the hope to appeal to more of a younger audience without it being to close to the line.

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