Friday, 27 January 2012

All Three Final Products!

Music Video

Poster/Magazine Advert
After looking at all three projects together, I believe that there is a clear marketing continuity pattern throughout which is very important through marketing for easy recognition. For example, If I had completely different styles and designs for each of the marketing pieces, as well as completely different style of music video, it becomes increasingly hard to market my song/Album.
Overall, I am thrilled with how they have turned out!

The final music video!

Because of the external harddrive issues, This is now my final music video! I am very happy with the way it has turned out, and I believe that it is a great final video after the journey of research and planning have taken out.

Massive Set back!

Today I have had a massive problem as my external harddrive which contained my music video premiere project files and all my footage decided to wipe itself. This was initially very worrying. I took the external device to the tech guys at school, and they were unable to retrieve any files off of it. This contained all of my footage, as well as many other projects for my other A level subjects. After reviewing what could be done, I still did have my music video saved on youtube which was going to be my final draft, however there were not many improvements that needed to be done, only some minor cropping issues in some shots like this.
As you can see, you can see a light on the right side.
Although this was initially a pain, I have been lucky that I still have my draft! I don't think this is too much of a problem, as it was only a few shots which needed to be improved after reviewing the video.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Final Designs of Digipak

After much research, I have finally finished my Digipak! I believe that all aspects of the genre is featured in my digipak such as the typical logo, the genre conformation of using the brick wall and Alice looking very 'Street' much like the music video.
Front Cover
Back Cover
Left Inside cover
Right inside cover (Behind CD)

The inside of my digipak

For the inside of the album, At first, I was quite stuck with what I could use as the main images, as I had thoroughly experiemented with the Brick wall, and I wanted something different. Many of my classmates thought I should go with a more plain inside as the outside covers are quite graphic. initially tried just having a simple black background, however I felt this was too plain. I began experimenting with different layers and blending options by getting images off of google images such as starry skies and scratch textures and blending them into the background. I then found an image which I had taken of Alice for the first Outfit shoot which I had taken ages ago, and decided to play with that image to make it work well. I played with plenty of blending options till I found one which really does work, and blended it to the background. I then found an existing CD which I based my information on the back of my CD on.
Adding a Star sky layer and changing the blending modes.
Background ready to add Alice onto.
Adding Alice and erasing the background.
Changing blending modes to 'Pin Light'
Adding Text.
Final inside cover.
I also wanted to use the same image of the background which I had used for my inside cover so it will flow like a double page spread. Because this frame will be hidden behind the CD, there was little point decorating this frame more than some basic blending.
Behind the CD inside cover.

The CD Back cover

Because I had heavily featured the brick wall on the CD cover, I wanted to keep a running theme throughout the back of the CD as well. I also used the same font as the 'WARZONE' for the titles of the songs. I individually made each layer of each letter and placed them on each brick, which I tried to create the effect that the writing is written as grafitti on the wall. I also found the actual thinking of track titles hard, as I didn't really know what I could call them, however after reading through many different lyrics, it became increasingly easier. I then went to google to find a barcode for the corner of my CD back cover, and pasted it as a new layer and resized it. I then added my artists website along the top of the barcode which I actually thought looked very professional. I then seeked help from other existing CD's to get a feel for what is written on the back of a CD. After the text was written, the last finishing touch was the Recording company which I had chosen from previous research as 'Epic Records'.
Making the background B&W and adjusting size of cover.
Adding Letters and numbers.
Adding more track titles and numbers.
Adding a Barcode
Adding all small text, web address and Epic logo.
Final CD back cover!

The making of the front cover of the Digipak!

When I came to create my Digipak, the first thing I wanted to perfect was the CD cover. Because I already had my poster, I roughly knew how the CD cover should look, to keep it similar for easier recognition of the whole package of marketing, so I used the 'Brick Wall' photograph, and changed it to Black and White. I Then began to look through all of the photos of Alice I had to find the perfect image, and Copied her onto the image, and soon found that having Alice with only half a face was very effective. I also then added the same Logo and CD name. I also found that a lot of Rhianna digipaks came with a Parental advisory symbol, and I felt this would give the CD cover a more realistic view. I also edited Alice's face by airbrushing her face through photoshop, followed by the brightening of her blue eyes to make them stand out much more.

Sizing the image background
Changing the background to B&W.
Adding a new layer of Alice, Erasing existing background.
Brightening her eyes up using hue/Saturation
Finished Eye.
Positioning Alice on the CD cover.
Adding the Pre made Logo.
Adding CD Title
Final CD Cover.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Poster/Magazine Advert!

After some more research into existing posters and magazine adverts, I found that almost all of the posters consisted of the same image, or images from the same photoshoot which are very similar to that of the CD cover, as well as a shot or two similar in one or more music videos. With all three being consistant, it makes it much easier for the audience to recognise what they are being sold.

I Began with choosing the image that I felt works well for a Poster. I wanted to make the poster portrait, so I chose a clear Portrait image. I then highlighted Alice with the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop, and kept her colour, and made the background black and white by copying the layer of Alice. I then did come basic editing of the brick wall by using the Burn tool which makes some places darker than others which added more texture to the brick wall. I also then edited the reflection of her sunglasses where you could see me, and removed me so the glasses reflection was slightly more blurry, as well as airbrushing Alice's face. I then added the logo which I had previously edited before, and placed it above her head, and then made the decision that it looks better if Alice looks like she is standing in front of the name which then made the title look like grafitti.

After deciding upon the title of the album to be 'Warzone' based on the style of song and lyric from other songs within the RnB music industry, I placed the words in the same font as the title, as well as a made up web address.

A lot of posters heavily feature one song as their main selling point, and this song has usually been pre released, so therefor I wanted my song to be her main attraction song. I added the text under her arm.

After much other little tweeking, I had finished my final Music Poster!
I am so happy with how my poster has gone, and I believe that it conforms well to the typical RnB Music style, but adding her own style to it! I have asked for opinions along the way of creating the poster, and will post about all of the feedback in the next post.

Creating a Brand identity

The brand identity or logo for an artist is vital for simple recognition. After analysing previous CD covers before, I could refer back to see the style of logos being used currently.
From the research I had previously completed into the existing CD covers, it enabled me to thoroughly look through the styles of CD Titles and general logos. However, after much research, I found that there wasn;t a particular style which all RnB artists conform to, but they each have their very own style and it appears very up to them.

When thinking about my decided Artist name of 'Alyssa', I felt that the name was too short to abbriviate much like Jennifer Lopez as 'JLo', so I began playing around with different fonts from a variety of websites and slightly changing them through photoshop to create the perfect logo. Because a lot of my shots in the music video are quite 'Street RnB' with the brick wall and grafitti, I didn't want a 'Clean' looking logo such as Kelly Rowland's or the Sugababes, and I felt that a grafitti style logo would represent the style and look that I wanted Alyssa to have, similar to Alesha Dixon, and N-Dubz.

Whilst editing my final logo, i felt that the normal font was good, but  felt that like Nicole's logo with the different N, I wanted to change one of my letters to give it a personal touch, so I slightly bent the last A In Alyssa which I think works very well.
Overall, I am very pleased with my final Logo, and I feel that it will look very effective on my CD cover and Poster!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Poster and Magazine advert Research

When I came to research existing posters created for actual artists, I found that most of them stuck to the same image, or very similar to the CD cover for brand identity reasons. For example, Rhianna has used the exact same image for her poster as her CD cover, and used more information about the release dates of the album etc. After previous research of the CD covers which I had completed,(ALBUM COVERS RESEARCH POST) I began to work with ideas which I could use for my CD cover to work effectively, but also designs which I could encorporate a poster into the design for two effective pieces of work.
I Also had to remind myself of previous research where I found a lot of artists use the same set for their CD cover photographs as in their actual music videos, meaning that I should keep a running theme of a shot in my music video, CD cover and poster all similar. I have decided that my 'Brick wall' feature in my music video is the most effective, and as well as my previous draft CD cover, I believe I can create an effective marketing scheme.

The First Draft!

I have finally edited the whole of my music video. There are a few changes which I still need to make such as a few of my shots have the lighting in the corner of the shot, However I have exported the music video for audience feedback. I'm thrilled with the progress i've made so far!

Editing- The Closing shot

For my final shot to end the music video, I wanted a sequence which will really capture the 'Attitude' which Alice has throughout the video. She glances at the camera, with a confident smile and walks away. As she walks away, it slowly goes out of focus and fades to black. I am thrilled with my music video so far, especially the ending sequence.

Editing- The 'Brick Wall'

My brick wall footage has worked very well. I have again used some edits which are in black and white, as well as some purple coloured ones for some change.

I have also used the conventional close up very much in my music video which conforms to the obvious RnB close ups which clearly objectify the artist.

This is my Purple edited shot which gives the video some more variety.

Changing The narrative (George Footage)

Although I didn't ever intend for my music video to have a running narrative throughout the video, I did want to have the 'Boy' scenes for some kind of recognition of who she was singing about. However, after reviewing my footage (Which I did particularly like the framing and lighting!), and editing it together alongside all of the Alice Miming clips to give it a meaning, I simply didn't feel it worked well, and the 'Boy scenes' simply looked added in. However I did not make the decision on my own, I referred to my Peers who all agreed with me that the scene with George looked too randomly placed within my music video which heavily consisted of continuous shots of Alice.
Although it now means that my Music video is totally performance based, I do feel like it gives more of a direction for the audience to view the video.

Editing- First problem!

Today, I have been continuing to edit when I came across my first big issue. When playing back the footage, I noticed that in the reflection in Alice's sunglasses, you can clearly see me filming her! This is very irritating as the shots are brilliant and really work, but that slight problem is proving to be a big problem. However, once i've been playing around with quicker edits, I began to notice it less and less as the clips were each very quick. I have decided not to refilm as I think that as long as the clips are short, they shouldn't be too noticeable.

More Editing Progress (Photography Studio)

The photography studio shoot has proved to be very good footage within my music video. Originally the colours were slightly too dull, however after brightening the contrast on the clips, it gave a very white background which works well. I have also used some Black and white effects within the edits to give some variation which works well. I have also now pieced together the first 30 seconds of the music video which is real progress.

Editing! (CCTV Shot)

The past couple of weeks,I have been continuing with editing my music video. In my initial plans, I had visions of creating a really creepy CCTV style shot sequence much like In Nicole Shertzinger's Music video to her single 'Wet'. After much playing around with the sequence which I shot of Alice, I began to style it much like a CCTV image would look. Although in Nicole's video she uses a green colour over the footage, I found after much research that most CCTV images are filmed in black and white hence the decision of colour grading my own sequence. I also noticed the heavy useage of Timescales and different timecodes running in the corners of most CCTV shots. Although this was proving very dificault in my own video, I managed to add a Timecode to represent this. Another key feature of the CCTV style shot is the use of high angles looking down on the characters, which I have also used.
Nicole's CCTV Shot
My own CCTV styled shot
I have also kept on top of other editing such as piecing together the lip syncing which especially takes a lot of time. I also have began to change the contrast and saturation as well as cropping many of the clips to make them stand out more.

Editing update (Drama Studio)

For the last week, I have been editing my music video. I have made some real progress! I have now edited the introduction of the music video, Approximately 20 seconds, as well as the first 10 seconds of miming. However, after reviewing my footage and attempting to piece it together into the video, I found that the Drama studio footage particularly didn't work. I believe that it does not have the same effect which I imagined much like the Ciara Music video which although was a bit of a pain, I still think that it was the right decision to edit these shots out of the music video.