Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Connotations for my music video

A Connotation is a translated message which the producer would like the audience to read through different signs and signifiers. For example, If there was a girl dressed in black (Denotation), the connotation of this could be symbolising death, bad or evil, however we read this as the denotation with the connotation in mind.
Within my music video, I believe that I have used this media term quite a lot in translating the message to the audience. For example, the typical use of my brick wall in a lot of my shots connotes the whole RnB theme of the 'streets' where it may not be very wealthy, however Alice looks wealthy, hence the contrast.

 Another connotation which is apparent is the beauty of Alice constantly, which emplies that although she is singing about a boy which is extra good looking but not right for her, that she is quite used to turning men away, which actually gives a different attitude to the performer, and also an attitude for young aspiring girls to have.

I have also chosen to connote a different type of outfit style with Alice wearing not the total revealing clothing like many RnB, but to use more covered up clothing, in the hope to appeal to more of a younger audience without it being to close to the line.


In todays class, I set up a video, and then made my class mates watch my music video. I then prepared a list of questions to ask them in relation to my music video, and how the poster and digipak relate to the video.

From the response I got from them, it was apparent that although my music video is good, and that it works well under the genre conventions, there were a few mistakes which I was already aware of. Overall, the feedback was very positive.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Applying Andrew Goodwin's theory to my music video

'Music Videos demonstrate certain genre characteristics'As part of my research before starting my music video, I came up with a list of Genre characteristics of RnB (Previous Blog Post). From this list, I believe that I have included many of these characteristics in a variety of ways.

  • A Running Narrative of a love/heartbreak story
    Although my music video doesn't actually have a narrative due to my decision to take out the 'Boy' shots, I still believe that during the song, she is telling the story of the love/heartbreak which she is feeling towards this boy.

  • Close-ups of Females- A lot of Objectification
    This characteristic which I had established right at the beginning of research is one that I have heavily conformed to. I have used a variety of shots, ranging from close ups of her hands, legs, and predominantly her face.

  • Extreme Close-ups in general

  • Again, this point has been addressed within the extreme close ups objectifying Alice which I have included, especially the montage of shots for the 20 second opening.

  • Women Dressed revealingly
    Although I haven't chosen overly revealing clothing for Alice, I have chosen outfits which look 'Sexy' Such as the skinny jeans and the white strap top which Alice could still feel comfortable in wearing, but will also conform to the sexy look.

  • Some form of Performance/Miming
    The majority of my music video is Miming and performance which directly completes this general RnB music video convention.

  • A Male actor in female artist videos

  • Although my music video was initially going to contain a male actor in my music video, I didn't feel it was right after much reviewing of the footage I had captured along side the footage of Alice.

  • Expression of Rich and Poor- Usually jewelry/money

  • I bought Alice some chunky gold jewelery to wear during the music video from Primark, and although it was only cheap jewelery, the actual jewelery that would be used in this style of music video by professionals with a much bigger budget would be much more appropriately expensive.

  • Hand held camerawork
    The majority of the camera work I filmed was hand held for that extra movement to keep the music video fast pased much like the pace of the actual song.

  • Slow Motion scenes- (Emphasis on artist usually)

  • I didn't actually slow any of the frames when editing, however I did use a lot of close ups which had a longer cut than the majority of other shots, such as the shot of Alice running her hand down her leg.

  • Glamourous costumes

  • I think that after reviewing the costume designs which I purchased for the music video, I believe that the costumes fitted well with the RnB genre, especially the leather jacket costume and the plain white top with jewelery, as they each look glamourous and 'Street' enough to tie in with my music video conventions.

  • Lots of Pans over the artist/Narrative

  • A lot of my shots were slight pans over Alice for the movement aspect of the music video, which again is a typical convention of RnB. The close ups of Alice were especially the pans which worked out well.

  • A Solid dance routine throughout/featured in the video

  • This is one aspect of RnB which I did not use thoroughly as the drama studio footage did not work well enough for it to work within my music video, and after reviewing my other footage, it wasn't necessary to include dance footage.

  • Contrasting lighting tones- either warm colours signifying love, or cold colours.

  • Although this convention is not apparent in all music videos under the RnB genre, it does appear in some. I  didn't actually contrast the lighting tones to warm and cold, however i used Black and white and colour, as well as some harsh colour grading on the 'Purple' shots where I have coloured the clips.

  • 'Backstreet' Scenes especially in Hip-hop style R&B

  • The majority of my music video is based around Alice singing with the brick wall and graffiti behind her. This is a very typical 'Street' shot because a typical shot would include some brick walls.

  • An expression of Race- usually involving black/half cast actors

  • This is another convention which I did consider, however decided against it due to the lack of actors which I could use.

    'There is a link between the lyrics and the visuals'
    Although there is no clear link between an object or thing in shot and the lyrics perfectly describe the object, there is subtle lyric and visual links. For example, on some lines where Alice is singing lyrics where she is more expressive with how she says the lines, she shows more aggression where the music emplies this.
    'There is a link between the music and the visuals'
    In my music video, I wanted the visuals to have the same pace as the music. The way I achieved this is cutting the music video clips together in time with the beats of the music. This worked out well as it meant that the music video is perfectly in time with the visuals which has worked well.

    'The Demands of the record label will include the need for lots of closeups on the artist'
    I have used endless closeups of the artist during my music video of a variety of different parts of Alice such as her hand, her leg, and many close ups of her face and mouth. This is not only a Goodwin criteria, but also a typical convention of the RnB genre, so this was definitely going to have to be a heavily featured shot.

    'The Artist may develop iconography that recurs across their work'
    Although this is a feature which I cannot control, but if I made another music video with Alyssa, I would use the same or very similar ending shot which fades away as she walks away after a final glance at the camera.

    'There is frequent refrence to the notion of looking'
    The majority of my music vidoe features Alice singing directly at the camera which shows her direct approach to the audience of the music video. There are other looking moments where she looks around, however, I needed the majority to be very direct to the audience.

    'There are often intertextual references- mostly to film, other music artists, television and popular culture'
    Although this is not completely apparent, there is traces of Rhianna, Beyonce and Jojo throughout my music video through attitude, and choreographed moves such as the arm movements which inspired me hence the use of this throughout my music video.